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Submitted by matthew on September 21, 2009 - 11:48am

I have been looking for a way to upload a file in flex and save the bytearray directly to drupal via amf. This was written on Drupal 5 however it can easily be added to Drupal 6. Just note there is already a file_services module in D6 and not d5. Here's what I have come up with that works great:

Gladys Fretcher is a Senior Financial Advisor and was looking for a way to spread her businesses reach beyond the county she was operating in. She decided that a fresh new website would be the way to go.

eVoiceSpot.com Allows you to combine images, music and voiceover to create powerful, compelling e-presentations. You can also publish to a unique webpage, pop-up player or embed on any website.

GoBigRadio is the largest in-house project I am currently developing. Working with Pastor James Jennings, we set out to create an online portal for churches and ministries to broadcast their message:

This site was created to compliment the owner's ebay auctions. I used Drupal to create a simple online web presents to sell his books.

Pastor James Jennings needed a way to get his daily thoughts out to his friends and church, but a simple mailing list was not a good environment for receiving feedback.

What is Drupal?

Drupal - a completely free, open source content management system that many organizations are using today to provide for their needs. Drupal's many features and add-ons allow it to be used for a variety of website needs. Drupal is a good choice for today's organizations of any size because it is free, easy, and incredibly flexible.

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